I Like To Make Stuff

You can learn almost anything on YouTube these days. There's no shortage of video how-to's and instructional clips. But makers like Bob Clagett rise to the top with a passion for teaching, improvement, and instilling that passion in others. That's why he created I Like To Make Stuff, a channel for celebrating that desire to make anything and pushing others to do the same.


  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Motion Design
  • Graphic Design


When starting on YouTube, Bob knew very well that he didn't fit in—but in a good way. His focus ranges greatly from woodworking to electronics, from 3D printing to prop making. There were a few challenges with trying to distill these traveling interests into recognizable branding.

One of our primary goals was a recognizable mark. Eventually we wanted the logo to be able to stand on its own without a word mark when possible. Since I Like To Make Stuff would be involved in digital content on many platforms, having a simple shape and color that could be recognizable within a profile photo would be extremely useful.

We eventually landed on the connected M inspired by the conductive traces on a circuit board. These lines also fundamentally represent the conductive connection between interests and how the overlap of interests can help to make wonderful things.

Digital Plans

I worked with Bob to develop a style that covers all of his digital media, including printable digital instructions. These plans have a simple visual language to easily build the same projects that can be seen his channel.

Supplemental Designs

Related Work