I Thee Film

There are some moments that we never want to forget, and the storytellers at I Thee Film are masters at capturing weddings with incredible style and detail.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Animation


As their capabilities improved, the guys at I Thee Film were in need of a better way to manage and display their videos. Their current solution of a standard wordpress theme just wasn't getting the job done. They wanted to feature their videos more prominently and elevate the idea of visual storytelling.

Moments in Motion

We were able to make use of small motion vignettes in the background of key areas to preview the video titles before the user chooses to watch them.

With a move to Craft CMS, we were also able to give I Thee Film an easy and custom system of management for their content and videos.

Simple Title Card

I was also able to help out by creating an updated title animation to run in front of each video. They were looking for an elegant and memorable animation that would build out their logo on screen. We went with the concept of converging wedding rings that act as a lens/focus for the logo.

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